5 minutes | Mar 25th 2021

There Are Now 2 Million Podcasts

The number of total podcasts online has now hit the 2 million mark - after just passing ONE million last year.  Only a third have put out content in the last 90 days. Wanna stand out?  Good audio, good content, get to the point.Nielsen says podcast audiences are getting diverse and there could be some great advertising opportunities in the space: https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/report/2021/podcasting-today/BetterHelp still #1 at $4.3 million spent on podcasts in February.That's good because another study says people aren't ready to pay for podcasts - so revenue would have to come from advertisers:  https://variety.com/vip/most-podcast-listeners-still-lukewarm-on-paying-for-podcasts-data-suggests-1234934767/New group measures how polarizing podcasts are. Just because you CAN say it doesn't mean you SHOULD! :) https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/podcasting-advertising-media-roundtable-1234932495/Spotify tweaking its interface to help you find podcasts based on previous listening: https://podcastbusinessjournal.com/spotify-just-made-your-podcast-life-easierCaptions in Podcasts on Desktop Chrome Browser: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/17/22337074/chrome-real-time-live-captions-audio-accessibility(via Podcast Business Journal) Does being a podcaster help your chances of getting a job? Ginni Sarawati writes in Vault:  https://www.vault.com/blogs/workplace-issues/how-podcasting-boosts-your-chances-of-getting-hiredHighlights and Increases your communications skillsHelps build your personal brandShowcases your expertiseExpands your technical skillsSignal Hill Insights has looked at Clubhouse, finding that its users are mainly men 35 and under (article via PodNews): https://signalhillinsights.com/whos-in-the-clubhouse/?utm_source=podnews.net&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=podnews.net:2021-03-25As always, if I can help you create, or improve your existing podcast.  Find me online:https://jagindetroit.com/Or email me: jag@jaginderoit.com
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