21 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

Ep 16-It’s Your Fate Podcast with Lefford Fate-Success Principle #15–Maintenance of Sound Health–Napoleon Hill Leader Sandra Valencia

A Positive Mental Attitude aids in the development of bodily resistance against disease
~Napoleon Hill

Maintenance of Health is such an important Principle these days because so many diseases and illnesses are happening recently, and this is all due to not having a mind and body health consciousness. What I mean by “mind and body health consciousness” is that not all people have a Definite Purpose or goal in life, or something that they look forward to, except, perhaps, going to work and coming home to watch TV, and living this kind of sedentary life. I’m not saying everyone does the same thing, but a big percentage of the population do these very passive activities, which can create problems. They will have issues with fear, anxiety, and other worries because they don’t have anything that excites them or makes them feel motivated. They don’t have something to look forward to, such as a specific target or goals. That’s basically why this Principle is so relevant in today’s society.

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It’s Your Fate Podcast

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