12 minutes | Jun 17th 2020

Ep 15-It’s Your Fate Podcast w/Lefford Fate-Success Principle #14–Creative Vision –Napoleon Hill Leader Alejandro Manuel Miranda Torres

The Imagination is the workshop of the soul wherein are shaped all plans for individual achievement.
~Napoleon Hill

New technologies of modern times and all scientific inventions are the result of Creative Vision. Creative Vision is responsible for the civilization of today as we know it. Creative Vision inspires men and women to experiment with new ideas in every field or endeavor. It is actually always looking for better ways of doing man’s labor and supplying human needs. Creative Vision makes human progress possible. It creates benefits for all humankind, improving all conditions on planet Earth.

Wherever men and women with Creative Vision are found, there also will be found progress, prosperity, and high standards of living.

Conversations to Guide and Light Your Path in Deciding Your Definite Major Purpose. For over 30 years, my purpose was to defend our nation, and now that purpose is helping people discover their life’s purpose and grow to their full potential.

You’ve Met Your Fate – Now Let’s Walk Into Your Destiny!

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It’s Your Fate Podcast

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