22 minutes | Jun 10th 2020

Ep 14-It’s Your Fate Podcast w/Lefford Fate-Success Principle #13–Learning from Adversity & Defeat–Napoleon Hill Certified Leader Rae Brown

Don’t fear defeat, it may reveal to you powers you didn’t know you possessed.
~Napoleon Hill

The Principle, or the law, that we call Learning from Adversity and Defeat, is pretty much the entire concept of “If you don’t win now, keep going.” It’s the law that covers the whole idea of not letting something that goes wrong in your plans stop you from getting to your goal.

Things happen in life. Life is always in session. If the session isn’t a good session, don’t let that session stop the whole realm of things for your life. Don’t let it be the one thing that keeps you from your destiny. Things happen in life, bottom line. When Defeat comes in, you have to realize that it is not there to kill you. This may be something that allows you to see something a lot differently. It may even check your heart, it may check your character, or it may check something else in you. Defeat isn’t really about losing. Adversity isn’t really about losing. It’s about what it’s bringing to you. It’s a gift; a gift given back to you. However, we always misconstrue it because we think it’s there to hurt us.

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