29 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

Episode 96: Limitless living with Laura Gassner Otting

In today’s episode, Lisa speaks with Washington Post Best Selling Author and Motivational Keynote Speaker, Laura Gassner Otting. They discuss the new networking app Clubhouse, stepping off the beaten path, lessons learned in the time of COVID, and of course, Laura’s book, Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life (2019).   Key Takeaways How Clubhouse is removing barriers for women, LGBT+, people of color, etc to have a platform where they can speak and actually be heard The importance of showing up, listening, and answering questions Redefining success, what it really means to you, and how to achieve it Success isn’t always “bigger, better, faster, more” How the frontal lobe, or lack of one, at 15,16,17 when we’re asked to make big life decisions can hinder us in the long run Left turns, right turns, and even u-turns are going to create better success When following your passion, don’t let one thing going wrong derail your progress your version of success, what makes you happy, what causes you joy, what allows you to be the person you want to be, might be very different from what’s considered “normal”   About Laura Today Globally touring professional speaker (from colleges to conferences to corporations around the world, to a US Army base in Japan, to a TEDx stage in Boston, to The TODAY Show and Good Morning America). Founder, Limitless Possibility, a niche consulting firm working with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives, and thought leaders to get them unstuck and achieve extraordinary results   Previously Founder and CEO, NPAG (executive search firm serving nonprofits, foundations, universities, advocacy orgs)  Political Appointee, The Clinton White House (helped found the national service program, AmeriCorps, in which more than 1M Americans have now served) Take the Limitless Challenge: We can set up a personalized page for your audience to take an assessment and learn what is stopping them to becoming limitless, and what they can do about it.  http://www.LimitlessAssessment.com    Take the Limitless Course: After a year of audience members asking if they can go deeper in the topics, Laura created an online course with videos and a beautiful workbook of exercises. It’s found at http://www.heyLGO.com/learn and we can provide affiliate links for you if you’d like.   Buy the Book: Limitless is available everywhere April 2, 2019 (with signed copies, bulk buys, and bonuses leading up to that launch date via pre-sale).  Everything can be found at http://www.LauraGassnerOtting.com/limitless.    Book Laura as a Speaker: For details on how to bring me in as a motivational speaker to help your company, college, community, or cohort become limitless, please see my speaker deck, videos, and other salient details on my website at http://www.LauraGassnerOtting.com.   
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