26 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Episode 91 - Getting comfortable with getting uncomfortable with Tina Mulqueen

In today’s episode, our guest is Tina Mulqueen. Tina is the CEO of Kindred PR, a full-service public relations, marketing, and business development firm serving the media industry – including publishers, creative agencies, and production companies. In this interview, Tina discusses how companies should have conversations with their staff about culture, especially with current events in our country. Key Takeaways How companies should start conversations that will move their company to a more inclusive direction with their staff Listen and figure out where there is a gap and emphasize on that level Why is it essential to practice active listening and validate people’s feelings Get a little bit comfortable being uncomfortable Seek understanding rather than getting someone to change their mind Best leaders in an organization don’t set hard rules and regulations In business, not everybody is going to be your customer or client How to meet your consumers’ needs and add value to their life   About Tina:  Through her company Kindred PR, Tina Mulqueen is striving to change media from the inside by highlighting the increasing need for brand accountability to consumers, commitment to social justice, the platforming of marginalized voices, and dedication to environmental sustainability, working with major media brands to move them toward not only a stronger position in the limelight but also towards a more sustainable approach that supports corporate social responsibility. Tina is also the founder of Cause Influence, a non-profit with the mission of using influence to drive awareness for important social causes. Where to find her:  Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Website
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