34 minutes | May 25th 2020

Building Resiliency In Your Business #2

What is the meaning of resiliency, and how can it help your business thrive right now? In this episode, Jonathan, Ren, and Carolina discuss ways to succeed during the pandemic. Carolina shares a personal story about a time she had to “ride the waves” of her business, and how it led to her following her own advice. Also in this episode: Jonathan got a new bike, and Ren opens up about what really “chaps his hide.”


In This Episode

- What is resiliency? [13:09]

- What you need to do to make your business work [20:00]

- Learning to ride the waves of business [21:13]

- The meaning of “sonder” and how to use it [25:14]

- How Ren is disgusted by the idea of a “banana holder” [27:38]


“You have to position yourself so that you minimize being hurt, and even potentially win, when unpredictable events happen.” – Jonathan Goodman


The pre-pandemic fitness industry

Was the fitness industry broken? Jonathan thinks so, and he gives good advice on how the pandemic is actually a good thing for fitness professionals and their businesses.


The importance of adaptation

The current situation is forcing fitness professionals to adapt, and that’s a good thing. In order to succeed right now, you need to learn how to make your business work right now.


 What does “sonder” mean?

It’s human nature to compare your “blooper reel” to someone else’s “highlights.” In this episode you’ll learn the meaning of the word “sonder” and how that idea can help you feel better about your business.


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