43 minutes | Jun 21, 2020

07. 3-Way with Joyce

New format alert! You voted, welcome to our very first 3-Way with our good friend Joyce. In this episode we talk dating, relationships, clubbing in Ottawa and how being a Black woman affects all aspects of meeting people. In light of the events (past and present) that affect Black people across the globe, we wanted to give Joyce a platform (albeit small) to speak from her heart. We are recording remotely and understand that the sound quality on this one is somewhat garb but we are hoping that you can still find some meaning in it!Finally PLEASE PLEASE consider donating/supporting/listening/engaging in the following organizations and content creators:Podcasts hosted by Black women: @speakingoutloudpod, @friendslikeuspodcast, @2dopequeens, Introverted Black Girl Podcast, @blackgirlnerds, Mixed SignalsNon-Profits: Black Solidarity Fund, @blacklegalactioncentre, @weneeddiversebooksBlack owned businesses: @patshomestylejamaican, @shopkoa.caDiversity in publishing list (Magazine Association of BC)
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