59 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Beauty Tips For A More Youthful Look

Welcome back to another episode of It’s Not a Crisis, with your host Doryn Wallach. This time, we tackle a new subject, beauty. Our guest, Michelle Spieler is Hollywood makeup veteran and a true expert on all things beauty, skincare and health. We’ll go through 5 practical steps every woman can take in order to maintain their looks, even if midlife slowly but surely sets in. We also have loads of fun, talking about plenty of subjects from skincare regime, hydration, skin glow, our new passion for TikTok for the over 30 crowd!

You can connect with Michelle either on her website michellespieler.com or on her Instagram @michellemspieler and you absolutely MUST check out her TikTok @cleanbeautybabe

Others mentioned in the episode:


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