35 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

Ep. 103: The 411 on Foreplay

I’m going to paint a picture for you. You have spent your day being a high achieving woman, taking care of your business and your kids. It’s the end of the night, and you know that you have sex on the schedule, but it’s one of the last things on your mind. You’ve made a commitment to yourself and your partner, but you are tired and aren’t thinking about sex as something that you want to do. So you decide to follow through, but you cut out foreplay in order to make the sex session as quick as possible so you can get back to whatever else you wanted to do. What if I told you that you are missing out on the most important part?   For most of the women I work with, they have been with their partners for a while, and foreplay is no longer a part of their pleasure toolkit. Our society puts such high importance on penetrative intercourse that it seems like we should just skip ahead to that end goal. But in this episode, I share with you why foreplay is crucial for your pleasure and how to approach it with your mindset in order to achieve lasting change and become the fully pleasured woman you deserve to be.   Topics In This Episode: The shift in foreplay throughout the life of a relationship What it looks like when we have a lack mentality with our time, and how that affects our sex life When sex becomes just another item on your to do list Being aware of when we put foreplay on the backburner The great misunderstanding of female pleasure Preparing our bodies for intercourse Why I call them “sex sessions”   As always, it has been my absolute pleasure to share this with you today. I encourage you to take all of the things that we talked about in this episode today, examine the beliefs that you have, and see how these things are getting in the way of your pleasure. Begin to do thought-work around them and start to give yourself the time to warm up and become aroused so that you can experience more and more pleasure. This is exactly the process that I take all of the women that go through Better Sex in 90 Days. To learn more or to join, go to https://daniellesavory.com/group/   To help other women find this show and create more pleasure in their lives, leave a review! Click here to go to Apple Podcasts and follow the steps below. Editing and show notes by Roth Media   Enjoying the podcast? Make sure you don’t miss a single episode! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, RSS, or follow on Spotify Leave a review in Apple Podcasts. Then be sure to send a screenshot to team@daniellesavory.com for your free sex starter kit Let me know your thoughts on this episode and join the conversation by leaving a comment down below!
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