60 minutes | Apr 12, 2020


As I stare at his picture, I see a very handsome, fair-skinned man with a red beard, sporting a black baseball cap with a fish hook decorating the bill. Intently, he stares into the blue skies as though he’s studying the beauty all around him. Looking at this picture, I would have never known that only a few years ago, Matt went by the name of… Melanie. For a second, try to imagine being assigned a female body that didn’t match your inner male being. Now, imagine feeling this way and growing up in a small town in Texas, born into a conservative family, where religion played a big role in your life. These struggles were his reality. Slowly, he found outlets and along the way, finally found himself.  Having to overcome a lot of adversity and a battle with mental health, his triumph will leave you a fan of his lovely soul for life.  So, as we test the waters with Skype, we sit, headphones in/on our ears, both our laptops between us… this is his story. Enjoy!If you feel that your coming out story could make an impact in the community and are comfortable with letting me in to listen and to share it, I sincerely invite you to contact me via email @ itsjustlovepod@gmail.com.This episode is produced and edited by me, Fabiana.Music by SFRecords@audiojungle.netLogo Art designed by me, Fabiana and created by Dana @ Hay Logo ATXIf can follow me on Instagram @ itsjustlovepodcastLike us on Facebook @ It's Just Love PodcastYou can tune in @ Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, & SticherUntil next time remember:  "The revelation of our differences will only be impactful if we embrace them with positivity and kindness" ~Fabiana
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