37 minutes | Jan 16th 2018

New Yorker Editor Kevin Young on 'Hoaxes, Post-Facts, and Fake News'

Young, poetry editor of The New Yorker, has written a book about 'fake news' before President Trump co-opted the term. It's called "Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News." He talks to Sam about the book, as well as Prince, why hoaxes are so tied up with race, Donald Trump and P.T. Barnum, editing poetry at The New Yorker, black twitter, and growing up in Nebraska. Email the show at samsanders@npr.org or tweet @NPRItsBeenAMin with your feedback. Follow Sam on Twitter @samsanders and producers Brent Baughman @brentbaughman and Anjuli Sastry @AnjuliSastry.