92 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

The One Where We're Negative

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of It's Always Sunny in Stormind! This episode we got a little on the critical side when it comes to WoW and experiencing burnout related to it.. Are you experiencing burnout with the game already? We also went over the new Torghast event "Beasts of Prodigum" where you can get some unique anima powers to help bolster a companion joining you as you climb! Finally we had the chance to talk about the new Overwatch deathmatch map called Kanekaza which also features an event that allows you to unlock an exclusive skin with any 9 wins. Follow the show: https://twitter.com/SunnyStormwind discord.gg/NDZGeGU Follow the hosts: https://twitter.com/Paacreek https://twitter.com/Corymissildine https://twitter.com/Mr_Milestv
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