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012 Maggie Hunts: 20 Tips To Avoid Holiday Temptations

In this episode, MAGGIE RANTS about: Celebrating gratitude, love and joy with tons of food! It’s in our cultural DNA! Nibbling doesn’t really count…does it? Seal up or hide the bag so YOU won’t eat it PODCAST NUGGETS - Consume without calories: 20 Tips to Avoid Holiday Food Temptations - samples: Watch holiday binges! Buy items that won’t tempt you Sin occasionally Remove those fattening gifts or treats and fast! Maggie sings, (Musical parody loosely to the tune of Nice Work, If You Can Get It) NICE EATING, IF YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN DO IT, IF YOU TRY!   (Musical parody loosely to the tune of I’m In The Mood For Love)   I’M IN THE MOOD FOR FOOD SIMPLY BECAUSE IT’S NEAR ME FUNNY, BUT WHEN IT’S NEAR ME I’M IN THE MOOD FOR FOOD   CONNECT with Maggie: FREE Gift: SweetOfferNOW.com Website:  SweetLifeNOW.com Email:  Maggie@SweetLifeNOW.com Podcast Phone: 98-LAUGHAPP   It's a Sweet Life NOW is about being uplifted while you learn how to live healthy & happy. But we’re all different, so before making any lifestyle changes, check it out with your doc. Our instructions and advice are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Your medical team knows your specific health needs and together, we’ll help you feel fabulous! Show Notes by Podcastologist/Show Producer: Jessie Taylor Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it. Episode Transcript: Hello, I’m Maggie Hunts and welcome to It’s A Sweet Life NOW, where we joke and sing about living with diabetes, so we can all lighten-up while we learn how to live healthy & happy! That can be tricky with all the Holiday Food   Celebrations. You’d think we could love each other, be grateful, and not over-stuff ourselves with food to express it. I don’t know; I’m Jewish and my husband’s Italian, I think it’s in the blood, I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. Did YOU indulge this Thanksgiving? Growing up, I used to get in so much trouble with my blood sugar when all I had to do was ‘help’ my Mom prepare the Thanksgiving feast. Did you do anything like this, this Thanksgiving…   Nibbling Doesn’t Count… Does it?   When I helped Mom with Thanksgiving dinner, I practically ate my entire meal before the food hit the table. Hey, food eaten during prep time is only nibbling, right? Those tiny pieces stolen between the strokes of the carving knife don’t count; they’re only scraps. The perks of setting up the buffet is getting to steal the crispy peaks of the stuffing or every other decorative ball around the edge of the pie crust. They’re just waiting to be plucked off. In fact, they’re asking for it. When it was time to finally eat, I didn’t want anyone to notice I was already full because I had pigged out just bringing the food to the table, so I sat down, took a deep breath, and proceeded to polish off my ‘official’ meal. Uuuggghhh. No wonder we moan after overeating. It’s not from delight; it’s from the bloated, overstuffed feeling of having just gorged. Unfortunately, your body processes all the food you eat and turns it into sugar. If you’re only calculating your insulin or food intake on the food that hits your plate, it’ll be no wonder your sugar goes high. You’re leaving ½ of the carbs out of the calculation on how much insulin to take! Keeping track of the extra nibbling can explain a lot of instances of high blood sugar. The key, is to eat fewer carbs. When you eat fewer carbs, your insulin needs drop. I know that’s especially difficult during the holidays where it’s common place to be served tons of potatoes, beans, stuffing, buns and sweets, all to stuff YOU! It’s true, but that’s where we come in.   (Musical parody loosely to the tune of Nice Work, If You Can Get It)   NICE EATING, IF YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU CAN DO IT, IF YOU TRY!! 20 Tips to Avoid Holiday Food Temptations   REMOVE THEM. You can’t eat it if it’s not there. Throw them out or give away those fattening presents or treats and fast. No kidding, don’t pretend you won’t remember they’re there if you go grazing. Best to be rid of them. EAT, DON’T STARVE YOURSELF! Eat to stay fortified! That way you’ll have the fuel you need. Eating small amounts of protein won’t raise your blood sugar and drink a TON of water. When your sugar is balanced and you’re hydrated, you’ll be surprised you’re not hungry. We all know what it feels like to be starved. It’s in that ravenous state that reckless decisions are made. Then it’s just about whatever can get in your face fast enough, wins. That’s not usually your best decision. WATCH PRE-HOLIDAY BINGES. Be careful about deciding you’re going to start eating healthy after the New Year. You may eat everything you can get your hands on as a last big holiday celebration. We all know what it feels like to binge before making healthy changes. Let’s not do that! MAKE EXTRA. Pretend you’re getting ready for holiday company, you are,YOU! Make your salad huge. If you’ve gotten out the knife and the cutting board, you might as well keep on chopping. Don’t add salad dressing or quick-spoiling bean sprouts that will ruin the leftovers and make the salad mushy. Add those yummy extras as you eat it. ADD ZIP TO SALADS & VEGGIE TRAYS. Be prepared for cravings while you’re up late wrapping gifts and you might want a snack. Eat some of your previously concocted salad or make a veggie tray to have on hand. Make it fun: instead of adding sweeter dried cranberries and raisins, add pumpkin seeds, cherry tomato halves, slivered almonds, cucumbers, celery, jicama, purple cabbage, diced apples, or carrots. Use pretty colors. You eat with your eyes. Add red, orange or yellow colored peppers or red and yellow tomatoes. CHOOSE HEALTHY HOLIDAY SNACKS. Keep your kitchen, office or backpack stocked with healthy treats to enjoy them when it’s snack time and hunger strikes. Like what you might ask? Try mini-grape tomatoes, celery and carrot sticks for easy grabbing, but dip it with low-fat cheese, turkey or chicken slices, put it all in romaine lettuce leaves, sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon, yummy teas, or water. Cut everything into small, thin slices; it takes longer to eat that way and looks like a lot more food.   MAKE COOKING EASY. Use your salad for lunch or dinner by adding a cooked chicken breast or a salmon filet on top. The grocery store sells big bags of quick, frozen, skinless chicken breasts or they may even sell salads that are already done. Keep them on hand for a quick-fix meal. Try Costco’s Wild Salmon or Tilapia burgers. They sell them in frozen packs. HAVE YOUR CHILDREN CLEAR THEIR OWN PLATES. Then, leftovers aren’t staring at you daring you to eat them. Does this ever happen to you? It Wasn’t Even That Good!   I had just finished my own satisfying low-carb breakfast, but when picking up my son’s plate of leftover syrup-soaked French toast …I ate it. Later, when I casually looked at the syrup container to find the number of carbs, I freaked out. 52 grams of carbohydrates! That’s insane! I’m so glad I read that. It wasn’t even that good! I had to count for the bread carbs also. No way! From that moment on, my son had to clear his own plate, and not just set in the sink for me to pilfer from. I always flunk that test. It’s got to go directly into the trash and with a shove, so it’s near the bottom …just to be safe. DON’T COOK OR SHOP FOR THE HOLIDAYS WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY. Everyone knows how expensive it can be to go to the grocery when you’re hungry. Have a snack, water, or tea beforehand to take the edge off. It’s more economical to pre-select what you will buy because then you won’t buy everything you crave when you’re hungry. DON’T GO OUT TO HOLIDAY GATHERINGS OR ANY MEAL STARVED. Everything your host may have out or that you see on a menu may seem like a good idea. You never make your best food choices when you’re famished. You don’t need to be full, but always try to take the edge off your appetite before leaving the house. It’ll save your wallet, blood sugar AND your waistline! DON’T GO OUT HOLIDAY SHOPPING HUNGRY. If you’re starving and in a mall busy checking off your holiday list of who’s naughty and nice, unhealthy fast and high-sugar foods will be close by. It’s key to plan out your meals and snacks. Know where you can get food and carry something healthy with you.   (Roughly to the tune of I’m In The Mood For Love)   I’M IN THE MOOD FOR FOOD SIMPLY BECAUSE IT’S NEAR ME FUNNY, BUT WHEN IT’S NEAR ME I’M IN THE MOOD FOR FOOD Do you ever feel that way? I do, all the time!   SIN OCCASIONALLY. ‘Occasional Sin’ is a much sexier phrase than ‘moderation,’ don’t you think? But the idea is the same. Don’t go berserk. If you way overeat, your body will have to float you with insulin (or you’ll have to inject a ton) or walk to Montana and back, to bring your sugar back down. Enjoy lower carb treats – they don’t add up as quickly. Then if you are off, you won’t be off by a mile and then your ‘occasional sins’ don’t have to hurt. “NEVER EAT A NAKED CARB.” Add a little fat or protein to help prevent a spike in your blood sugar by eating carbs alone. It fills you up, balances your meal and helps keep your blood sugar steady. Combine foods for your meals and snacks that digest at different times to keep you fortified and safe. Eat cheese with your apple or crackers. The fat in the cheese slows down the sugar peak from the fruit or flour. BUY ITEMS FOR OTHERS THAT WON’T TEMPT YOU. Then no one suffers and you are not expecting the impossible from yourself.   Buy Items That Won’t Tempt You   I’d buy my son things I knew I wouldn’t eat, like Fruit Roll-Ups and Goldfish crackers. Thank heaven my son doesn’t like chocolate. He occasionally would have an individual Reese’s
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