8 minutes | Oct 7, 2018

008 Maggie Hunts: Can’t I just ignore it? 

It’s a Sweet Life NOW w/ Maggie Hunts  Living Healthy & Happy with Diabetes      Episode 8: Can’t I just ignore it?      In this episode, MAGGIE RANTS:  -Why does diabetes have to be such a big deal? Can’t we just ignore it?  -The trickiest part of diabetes.  -How Little Miss Busy can ignore her CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)      PODCAST NUGGETS - Consume without calories:  -The GOOD news!  -Different symptoms you can have when you do ignore it.  -The best part of paying attention to your health is how GOOD you feel!  -We can remind each other to pay attention. -FREE recipes and tips on eating in and out at SweetOfferNOW.com.      Maggie sings, (her fantasy parody)   “If I didn’t have diabetes  I would never count my carbs  I would only eat in bakeries  I wouldn’t watch my sugar…”      “You can see clearly now your stress is gone  It’s gunna be a bright, bright sunshiny life”      CONNECT with Maggie:  FREE Gift: SweetOfferNOW.com Website:  SweetLifeNOW.com  Email:  Info@SweetLifeNOW.com Podcast Phone: 98-LAUGHAPP  It's a Sweet Life NOW is about being uplifted while you learn how to live healthy & happy. But we’re all different, so before making any lifestyle changes, check it out with your doc. Our instructions and advice are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Your medical team knows your specific health needs and together, we’ll help you feel fabulous!      Show Notes by Podcastologist/Show Producer: Jessie Taylor  Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.
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