37 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Whole Pet Acupuncture With Dr. Kate McDermott

Whole Pet Acupuncture With Dr. Kate McDermott today on It's a Dogs Life! Dr. Kate works with dog parents who truly want the best life possible for their dog with cancer. She gives them the tools they need to help their dogs fight cancer and keep that spark of joy in their eyes! Dr. Kate McDermott has years of experience transforming dogs’ lives every day. She's a University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School graduate and is certified in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary Food Therapy. With this training, she can integrate the world of conventional medicine while treating the “whole body” with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She's discovered the secrets to helping dogs with cancer thrive and truly feel their best with a powerful cancer diet. With her online program (Healing Your Best Friend Cancer Success Program) and valuable weekly video show "Healing Your Best Friend", she can help you feed a powerful diet that will transform your dog's life.
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