39 minutes | Aug 24th 2020

CBD Can Not Kill Your Pet Part 2 With Dr. Zac Pilossoph

CBD can not kill your pet Part 2 with Dr. Zac Pilossoph. On today's show, Angela brings in the big guns for this two-part episode with Dr. Zac. They start breaking down the benefits of CBD for your pet as well as myths surrounding the subject. The reality is CBD can not kill your pet! Angela and Dr. Zac tell you why today in part 1 of this 2 part episode of It's A Dog's Life.Dr. Zac Pilossoph is a Long Island, NY born, nationally recognized veterinary medical professional, a top graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School of Medicine with postgraduate focused training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery at two of the most prestigious programs in the country, and a young multidimensional serial entrepreneur, has rapidly and single-handedly crafted a new wave of diverse global evolution and empowerment. In addition to launching several novel platforms in the extremely relevant mental wellness field, as well as establishing himself as one of the premier global veterinary cannabis educational experts, Zac is simultaneously positively advancing the clinical veterinary industry in many more ways than one. Today we sit down with Dr. Zac to find out why he decided CBD was worth a look and what he has learned since adopting his current methods.
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