62 minutes | Aug 24th 2016

Episode 022: The Vision: Marvel’s OK Computer

This week, we talk about the Avengers’ resident synthesized humanoid android, The Vision, and how he blurred the lines between computers and humanity long before Siri was trying to.   Hosted by: Chris Youngblood: @Chrisyoungest Hannah Mezzell: @HannahMezzell Ryan Hamm: @RyanECHamm Tyler Huckabee: @TylerHuckabee   Connect with Gradient: Web ... www.Gradient.is Twitter ... @gradientdotis Facebook ... /gradientdotis   SHOW NOTES: Zendaya is going to be Mary Jane Watson in the new Spider-Man movies! http://www.torontosun.com/2016/08/23/spider-man-homecoming-stan-lee-endorses-zendaya-as-mary-jane-watson The new Luke Cage Netflix series is going to take place during Daredevil season two. http://screenrant.com/luke-cage-season-1-daredevil-season-2-connection/ Joss Whedon is maybe going to direct a Supergirl/Flash musical crossover or something? http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/the-flash-supergirl-musical-crossover-arrow-legends-of-tomorrow-dolph-lundgren-1201835643/ Josh Schwartz will be producing the Runaways for Hulu:
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