47 minutes | Aug 10th 2016

Episode 021: Harley Quinn: The Joke’s on You

Last week, Suicide Squad introduced Harley Quinn to the big screen, and although Margot Robbie’s performance is very good, the movie missed out on what an interesting, complicated character Harley really is.   Hosted by: Chris Youngblood:@Chrisyoungest Hannah Mezzell: @HannahMezzell Ryan Hamm: @RyanECHamm Tyler Huckabee:@TylerHuckabee   Connect with Gradient: Web ... www.Gradient.is Twitter ... @gradientdotis Facebook ... /gradientdotis   SHOW NOTES: There’s a new trailer for Marvel’s Luke Cage, and it looks awesome. http://www.gradient.is/reactions/luke-cage-is-still-bulletproof-in-the-latest-trailer/ Suicide Squad made a lot of money it’s first day, and then it stopped making money altogether. http://www.slashfilm.com/suicide-squad-box-office/ ‘Man of Steel 2’ is happening, no duh. http://www.thewrap.com/warner-bros-puts-man-of-steel-sequel-into-active-development-exclusive/
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