58 minutes | Apr 27th 2016

Episode 012: The Joker: When Your Shadows Laugh Back

The Joker is easily the most enduring comic book villain of all time, and maybe that’s because his longstanding rivalry with the Batman is something much deeper than simple animosity—and much more recognizable.   Hosted by: Tyler ... @tylerhuckabee Ryan ... @RyanECHamm   Connect with Gradient: Web ... Gradient.is Twitter ... @gradientdotis Facebook ... /gradientdotis   Show notes: The trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse has a cameo that’s sort of a surprise, but it also be surprising if this character didn’t show up in an X-Men movie. http://www.gradient.is/reactions/the-new-x-men-apocalypse-trailer-brings-in-a-little-help/ The Inhumans movie got dropped from Marvel’s calendar, which probably upsets the five people who deeply cared about an Inhumans movie: http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/is-this-why-inhumans-was-really-taken-off-marvels-slate/ We talk a lot about The Killing Joke in this episode, and you can buy the entire bo
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