58 minutes | Apr 20th 2016

Episode 011: Ms. Marvel: An All-American Hero

At least four characters have had the name Ms. Marvel throughout the history of Marvel Comics, but the most recent one is Kamalah Kahn, the New Jersey teen who became Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to star in her own series.   Hosted by: Tyler ... @tylerhuckabee Ryan ... @RyanECHamm Hannah ... @HannahMezzell   Connect with Gradient: Web ... Gradient.is Twitter ... @gradientdotis Facebook ... /gradientdotis   Show Notes: The trailer for Doctor Strange features all sorts of metaphysical wizardry, some very Inception-y visuals and bald Tilda Swinton. http://www.gradient.is/reactions/the-first-trailer-for-doctor-strange-will-see-you-now/ No matter how bad the Joker would actually be in real life, Jared Leto pretending to be the Joker is worse. http://www.avclub.com/article/hanging-out-jared-letos-joker-sounds-it-was-awful-227481 Moon Knight #1 is the hero we need and deserve:
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