57 minutes | Apr 6th 2016

Episode 009: Black Panther: More than Just Marvel’s First Black Superhero

This week, Ta-Nehisi Coates relaunched Marvel’s Black Panther, catapulting Marvel’s first black superhero into the national spotlight. But it’s far from the first time Black Panther has been near the center of black America’s fight for equality –– This week, Doctor Strange wrapped filming, and some truly delightful GIF’s leaked from the set: http://bit.ly/1S3eNaR Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a great opening week at the box office, followed by the largest drop in Hollywood history. That “dark” enough for you, Zack Snyder? http://bit.ly/1Wdj8Z5 Anybody with the slightest interest in superhero movies or just filmmaking in general ought to enjoy this conversation between Richard Donner and Christopher Nolan: http://bit.ly/1UFRUKZ -- You can find more podcasts like this over at Gradient.is.
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