55 minutes | Mar 30th 2016

Episode 008: Wonder Woman: Born Liberated

On the heels of Batman v. Superman we explore the third member of DC’s Trinity, Wonder Woman, and her role as one of the iconic female superhero of the last 75 years and how she’s weathered decades of stereotypical treatment. –– Do you love Chris Pratt as much as we apparently do and want to have lunch with him on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2? http://bit.ly/1VTLEyK Deadpool officially takes the top spot for highest grossing R-rated film worldwide, ousting Ryan’s favorite movie The Matrix Reloaded from #1: http://www.gradient.is/reactions/well-deadpool-is-the-highest-grossing-r-rated-movie-of-all-time/ Writers and artists are coming together to celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary this week: http://bit.ly/1omtyb7 Have you been wanting a starting point for DC Comics.  Last week they announced details to give “Rebirth” to their entire comic book line: http://bit.ly/1pL0smw -- You can find more podcasts like this over at Gradient.is.
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