3 minutes | Dec 12, 2020

Presenting: Say Their Name

This week we want you to hear the trailer for Say Their Name, an incredible podcast that focuses on the assault and killing of unarmed Black people by police and in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states, highlighting incidents throughout the United States.Serving as a memorialization for these individuals, you will learn about who these people were through the words of the people that knew them best, while also helping to understand what these situations do to their families and communities not only in the immediate aftermath, but also what happens when the news-cycle moves on and the social media attention shifts focus.Say Their Name  offers solutions, spreads awareness and supports these families & communities, including a crowdfunding campaign throughout the series to directly benefit the families impacted by these incidents (they receive 100% of those proceeds).Please find out more and subscribe at  https://www.dcpofficial.com/saytheirname
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