69 minutes | May 1, 2021

VIA: Meet & Greet Italian Wine Ambassadors | Clubhouse

Saturday Clubhouse Edition: Meet and Greet Italian Wine Ambassadors - Special Vinitaly Internation Academy (VIA)Clubhouse edition Stevie Kim in conversation with the VIA Ambassadors about their experiences and the valuable learning opportunities the VIA community has brought to their personal wine journeys. Remember "Wine business" and "Italian wine Clubhouse" happens every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm UCT+ feel free to join in! Let's keep in touch! Follow us on our social media channels: Instagram @italianwinepodcast Facebook @ItalianWinePodcast Twitter @itawinepodast Tiktok @MammaJumboShrimp LinkedIn @ItalianWinePodcast If you feel like helping us, donate here www.italianwinepodcast.com/donate-to-show/ Until next time, Cin Cin!
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