34 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Ragù alla Bolognese

Ragù is the meat-sauce equivalent of having an ace up your sleeve: you want to know how to make this classic sauce. A foundational component of a classic lasagne, but also just an extremely flavorful way to serve up pasta, like tagliatelle al ragù. This episode is part of a three-part series in which I break down how to make lasagne alla bolognese, a giant in Italian cooking. Members of my Patreon will get exclusive access to the two accompanying bonus episodes: Besciamella and Lasagne Assembly! In this episode: Make Ragù alla Bolognese (+3 hours cook time!)Talk about shopping for produce in Italy and my experience ordering local produce from Oplí in Florence!Reflect on the struggle of being a beginner in learning a foreign languageQuestions or comments about the recipe? Suggestions for what our next recipe should be? Get in touch via Instagram @italiandishpodcast or send us an email at contact@italiandishpodcast.comBuon appetito! Ciao!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/italiandish?fan_landing=true)
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