48 minutes | Oct 19, 2021

Bringing Order by Living in the Middle of the Cloud Chaos with Dave Frampton, VP/GM Cloud SIEM & Security Analytics at Sumo Logic

Freedom is not something to fear; in fact, it’s an essential component of creativity. Chaos is something to avoid, however. Many creative people confuse freedom with chaos and think a chaotic environment inspires creative passion. The most creative environments are those that provide enough order, and essential security, that allows individuals to stretch out to create something new. As security information management has evolved with the cloud, a new form of defense has been required. Dave Frampton, the VP/GM Cloud SIEM & Security Analytics at Sumo Logic, describes this system as living in the middle of the cloud chaos. “What you really need to do is rethink this and deliver this SIM from the cloud, like as a cloud service itself. So that’s it’s right there in the midst of all that chaos [and] able to ingest all of that data and it’s savvy and smart about all those different new threat surfaces, because, in and [of] itself, this service is built and made from all of these same components: microservices, and containers, and modular, modern software that communicates by APIs.”By living in the midst of the cloud chaos, a security platform such as Sumo Logic is in the middle of the action and is creating a secure place for business and creativity to flourish. In Greek mythology, Atlas was forced to hold up the sky as a punishment by Zeus. Cybersecurty forces must hold back those with ill intent and to do so they dwell inside the chaos and create a safe place there. They don’t do this because they are condemned to this fate. Instead, they do so because they have chosen this role of protector and this is their mission.On this episode of IT Visionaries, Dave chats about how cybersecurity has evolved to decrease silos and increase automation. He explains how humanity, and ethics, are required to make judgements on how A.I. and automation should be used to further security aims. Enjoy the episode!Main TakeawaysMoving Into the Cloud Chaos: If the action is in the cloud, then security needs to be in the cloud too to ingest necessary data and to disrupt attacks. The security product must be at the same level, and made with the same parts, as that which it is intended to protect. Platform Disrupts Silos: In companies, silos are often made out of a sense of necessity. People work in their areas with their specific knowledge and access. In security, however, it is important to have a platform that connects those on the application and security teams so they can work together to protect the company.  Automation with Ethics: There’s a drive to automate as much as possible in the security realm because there is so much data and so many threats with everything moving so fast. This is reasonable, but humanity must lead decision-making concerning automation. It’s a matter of ethics. People must choose when to automate and for what purpose. They must weigh the pros and cons of their actions and accept any consequences. Fear and Greed: People are often driven by fear and greed. This is the case when considering A.I. and automation advances in security. On the fear side, it’s reasonable to be concerned about potential technological overreaches and unintended consequences. On the greed side, A.I. and automation has vast potential to deal with so much incoming data and to make quick decisions.---IT Visionaries is brought to you by the Salesforce Platform - the #1 cloud platform for digital transformation of every experience. Build connected experiences, empower every employee, and deliver continuous innovation - with the customer at the center of everything you do. Learn more at salesforce.com/platform 
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