16 minutes | Apr 23rd 2021

How To Build Self Discipline With Food & Exercise

Have you been struggling to find structure in your day to day and can't seem to stay on track with your nutrition and fitness? This week I discuss the importance of creating self discipline with both food and exercise. Join me to learn more about how to integrate these behaviors into your life to set yourself up for success in reaching your goals. We CoverThe secret of self disciplineCelebrationBeing kind to yourselfForming habitsJoin our Monthly Challenge & Newsletter to get the most recent updates and new podcastsCheck out the Inner Transformation ProgramFollow the ItTakesGritPodcast on Instagram!If this podcast has helped you in ANYWAY, please share with at least one person and leave a REVIEW, it makes a huge difference to the podcast and I want to hear from you :-)Get the It Takes Grit book with a ton of BONUS features !
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