13 minutes | Mar 25th 2021

7 Principles for a HAPPY & MEANINGFUL Life!

Ever wondered what it could feel like if your life was happier and more meaningful? From where I was in my partying days in nightclubs serving Grey Goose vodka to where I am at right now has taken a great deal of work and effort. Focusing on being happy from within and having impact has gave me a meaningful life... Join me this week to discover my seven principles I used, to help you have an abundance of happiness and a strong, meaningful life! We Cover:Benefits of filling up your cup firstReactions matterCreating a plan for happinessDeveloping skillsJoin our Monthly Challenge & Newsletter to get the most recent updates and new podcastsCheck out the Inner Transformation ProgramFollow the ItTakesGritPodcast on Instagram!If this podcast has helped you in ANYWAY, please share with at least one person and leave a REVIEW, it makes a huge difference to the podcast and I want to hear from you :-)Get the It Takes Grit book with a ton of BONUS features !
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