50 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

Rejection Vs. Redirection

Rejection vs. Redirection   In this episode, Erica & Merisa discuss rejection and its consequences on how we think and react to our environment. Social and familial rejection has a profound effect on our mental health causing stress, depression, envy, and anxiety throughout our life if not confronted properly. By simply taking a more optimistic approach to rejection, such as looking at it as a redirection, we are able to move forward with our lives with more confidence & peace.   2:10: Defining rejection & redirection, per Oxford Dictionary   3:00: Discussing where rejection comes from & the evolutionary biology behind it   5:40 Determining if we’re being rejected versus being challenged; Also, understanding when quit especially if your goals are not purpose-driven   10:04 How men versus women handle rejection in romantic relationships & in their career   13:25 The negative effects of dwelling on past relationship trauma   18:40 Rejection from parents; the effects of divorces & having empathy and compassion for our parents   24:07 Cultural rejection and outcasting people based on their political views; cancel culture   28:00 Stop rejecting people who may have some ignorance but are trying to find common ground   32:35 Rejection in friendships, in particular, gift-giving   34:06 Setting friendship expectations, having self-awareness in friendship, & friendship audits   37:28 Discussing “ghosting” and the hypocrisy amongst people who do it but hate when it is done to them   38:54 Understanding that no one owes us anything and taking accountability for your self-esteem by not chasing people who are rejecting you   41:15 Being cautious of people who want to keep you in a rejected mindset & also understanding that rejection is often so painful that their anger can be projected onto the wrong person   46:33 Define yourself so you don’t absorb other people’s opinions or rejections   48:20 Takeaway on rejection and closing     Follow Us! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_ithitsdifferent/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ithitsdifferen1   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ithitsdifferent/ E. Lew: https://www.instagram.com/__ericalewis/ Merisa: https://www.instagram.com/mer.lew/  Music by: Dystinkbeats.com  
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