27 minutes | Dec 17, 2020


00:00 Introduction  0:50 “Bully” is defined and introduced as the topic of discussion and the ways and which someone can be defined as such. 2:42 Merisa and Erica discuss bullying from a familial perspective and how it can possibly break one’s relationship with their loved ones or community 5:20 As an adult, it’s important to not allow yourself to be bullied and taking your power back 5:55 Merisa and Erica discuss fake sincerity and “fun” shade that comes from a bad place 7:01 First Impressions and their how it may play a part in bullying also hazing newcomers into social groups. 9:22 Taking accountability for our bullying  10:09 Bullying in a relationship, does it exist? 10:50 Discussing the ways in which to discern between bullying and help by paying attention to tones and motives 12:18 Merisa and Erica discuss Kevin Samuel’s controversial statements made to a woman seeking counseling 15:00 This segment addresses the infamous rating game college guys play on women volunteers 16:24 Questioning people who pretend to be helpers and counselors but in fact, do not like people 17:33 Merisa and Erica discuss a mutual negative experience with a career counselor in the master’s program 20:42 Using the Real Housewives as an the case study, Merisa and Erica discuss “shade” 23:19 Revenge bullying, and when it may or may not be acceptable  26:38 Closing  Kevin Samuels link :https://youtu.be/VI6XWGKvUrE  
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