42 minutes | Sep 18, 2017

IGR #53: Sami Wunder — Lean in at Work, Lean Back in Relationships

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Sami Wunder, a love and relationship coach, and a private client of mine for the last six months. Sami hadn’t always been successful in her relationships. On paper, she had a great life, but she could not attract and maintain a relationship with the right man. She was unhappy and insecure and decided to take charge of her life by studying relationships. Within months, she transformed herself into a confident, empowered woman, and attracted and married her soulmate! Today, Sami is happily married, has a baby, and runs a multiple six-figure business coaching women about creating and maintaining successful relationships. In just two years, she has had 85 recorded marriage proposals, marriages, engagements, and people finding their soulmates. How did Sami get so successful, so quickly? Sami shares her secrets! Many women believe they can’t have success both in their careers and in their love lives. Sami has some great strategies for overcoming this limiting belief. Sami and I also delve into the topic of masculine and feminine energies. You need your masculine to be successful at work, but embracing your feminine energy is key to getting the relationship that you want. If you’re a high-powered career woman who finds her love live lacking, Sami Wunder has some wonderful advice for you. Tune in to hear Sami deconstruct the commonly-held myth that women can’t have it all and get started creating the relationship of your dreams. Key Takeaways: [:16] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sami Wunder. [1:22] What inspired Sami to start her business? [3:50] Sami is now happily married and has a baby. How long did it take for Sami to attract her soulmate from the time she started studying relationships? [5:21] What was the transition like from helping herself attract the right man, and realizing that she wanted to help other women? [7:53] Having the confidence and really knowing the area you are coaching in is crucial to getting the credibility you need. [8:56] Sami's business has grown to multiple six-figures in two years. What has contributed to her quick success? [12:15] What advice does Sami have for women who feel they can’t be successful in their business and also in a successful, happy relationship? [14:34] How can women start to believe that it is possible to have success in their careers and relationships at the same time? [17:43] Sami delves into the idea of masculine and feminine energy. Why are so many women in their masculine energy? [23:10] Sami has a saying that sums up her approach to work and relationships: Lean in at work, and lean back in love. [23:40] How can women who are in their masculine energy turn that around? Sami has advice for single women and women in relationships. [29:48] Sami has a second tip about turning on your feminine energy — start receiving more! [33:12] Sami’s final tip is to get in touch with your feelings. [37:00] Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your man, but don’t play the blame game. [38:30] Check out Sami’s website and Facebook group for some other great tips and resources! If you're a single woman, Sami also has a complimentary training just for you! [40:04] Sami has a reminder for you: You have the power to create the relationship of your dreams! Mentioned in this Episode: It Girl Radio Jessica Nazarali Sami Wunder Wunder Divas Facebook Group Sami’s Complimentary Training for Single Women
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