66 minutes | Aug 8, 2021

Episode #1091: Best Israeli Duets and Collaborations

When two or more Israeli singers come together to make beautiful music...the results can be magical. When you get to enjoy that magic for a full hour...it's an exhilarating experience! Welcome to Week #2 of our August Chagigot...and this week, it's a "Chagigat Duetim" - spotlighting the most meaningful, the most beautiful, the most interesting duets in Israeli music! (Original Air Date: August 8, 2021) Full playlist at https://www.myisraelimusic.com/episode1091 Love the show? Support us by becoming a member of MyIsraeliMusic.com: https://myisraelimusic.com/membership Join the Israeli Music Community on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/IsraelHourRadioFans/
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