15 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

3.3 Earning a livelihood, Part 3 - The Way of the Messengers

In this episode, we remind ourselves that earning a livelihood is the way of the Messengers, may Allah bless them all, and we are commanded to follow and emulate their guidance.   Don’t forget to rate our podcast *5 stars* wherever you listen to us! Podcast Hosted by Almir Colan - https://www.almircolan.com Links for Telegram channel and social media available at https://www.islamicfinancepodcast.com/pages/connect Almir's Youtube channel available at https://www.youtube.com/almircolan Connect with us: Be part of the conversation and keep in touch with us to find out about new episodes and other content. Web: www.islamicfinancepodcast.com Social media: - YouTube - Facebook (public page) - Facebook (group) - Twitter - Instagram ---- Read Disclaimer here.
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