27 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

3.1 Earning a livelihood, Part 1 - Intro

Welcome to our new season. In this season we talk about obtaining wealth and prudently organising our livelihood. We will follow book attributed to Imam Muhammad al Shaybabni - The Book of Earning a Livelihood (Kitab Al-kasb), from which season takes the name. With that in mind, this season will aim to cover various questions on money matters, income, career, investments and so on insha'Allah. Podcast Hosted by Almir Colan - https://www.almircolan.com Links for Telegram channel and social media available at https://www.islamicfinancepodcast.com/pages/connect Almir's Youtube channel available at https://www.youtube.com/almircolan Connect with us: Be part of the conversation and keep in touch with us to find out about new episodes and other content. Web: www.islamicfinancepodcast.com Social media: - YouTube - Facebook (public page) - Facebook (group) - Twitter - Instagram ---- Read Disclaimer here.
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