33 minutes | May 5th 2020

S1 E3 How Fern Took an Overwhelming Personal Experience and Created a New Business From It

On today’s episode, I speak to Fern Pessin, author of I'll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for Their Aging. In addition to being an author herself, Fern also works with people on telling their stories.

I’ll Be Right There was written to remove the overwhelm of the caregiving role and support families on the caregiving journey; to help people know what they didn’t know they needed to know when they find themselves in the role of helping a parent.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Your memory/recollection you recount in your book isn’t going to align always with the memory of others you are talking about in your book. You just need to clear it with them in advance or include a disclaimer that says this is told according to your truth and memory, and it may not match up to how others may have remembered the experience.
  • Make it a habit to write every day.
  • Writing can be a cathartic experience, getting everything out of your head and onto paper, so you can have some emotional separation when you are editing it. 
  • Write every day, get it all on paper. And then you can look at it after. 

Enjoy the episode!