24 minutes | Aug 24, 2020

The Changing Face of Urban Space

The global pandemic has made many of us think differently about the cities we live in. While lockdowns closed many of the amenities that make cities desirable, work-from-home orders showed us we can really work from anywhere. Hosts Shannon Murphy and Erin Shea are joined by equity researcher Jon Matuszewski, whose research shows that many city-dwellers are considering leaving for the suburbs – but will they really move?In this episode, we explore the future of our cities, and how the push-pull of urbanization will shake out over the coming years. What does the pandemic spell for the future of urban transportation? How can we safely return to the office – and what will the post-COVID office even look like? How can we take the lessons we’re learning from this crisis to build greener, healthier, more liveable urban settings? Featuring Nadia Batchelor, Managing Director and Global Head of Jefferies Corporate Access Team, Jefferies' Equity Researcher Jon Matuszewski, and Jefferies’ Global Head of Mobility Technology Storm Duncan. Also featuring: Taco Carlier is the co-founder of Dutch e-bike company Van Moof. Cindy Coleman is the Work Strategy Leader and Design Director at architecture and design firm Gensler. Bob Wislow is the Chairman and CEO of Parkside Realty. 
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