33 minutes | Apr 7, 2020

Investing in Apartments, Creating Cash Flow and Adding Value

Whether you’re new to the Apartment buying game or you’ve been in this business for years, this is a valuable podcast! Jim talks to Jerome Myers, of Myers Investment Group, about how to find and fix broken apartment buildings. Here are the some of highlights of this info-packed conversation:   How Jerome got started in the business of buying apartments. Jerome’s motivation to leave corporate life and how he got into his first joint venture Current interest rates… how they can work for you Why this is a great time for creative deal structuring What does a “broken” apartment complex with fixable problems looks like How do you increase rent … and why you don’t want to increase it too much and too quickly Retaining your current tenants vs. the cost of fixing up a unit between tenants Why you should start small (smaller units) and work your way up com (A great deal at $29 a month!) Mid-Atlantic Multi Family Conference: July 31 – August 2. This is a great opportunity to learn and network with other like-minded people Facebook group: Myers Methods Presents Multi Family MisSteps     Follow on Jim on: Instagram  Facebook Twitter   Join Jim at  Deal Maker 2021 Live
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