30 minutes | Mar 10, 2020

Cold Calling Motivated Sellers

Cold calling can be a valuable (and necessary) tool for many businesses. Do you dislike cold calling? Is it completely outside your comfort zone?? This is THE podcast to help you past your fear of cold calling! Jim Ingersoll talks to professional cold caller Jennifer Steward. What got her over the dislike of cold calling: Jennifer recognized that you have to come from a very genuine place when talking to people. Show empathy. Why it’s important to connect with the people you call How to connect with the people you call: Talk about them 100% Connect: Make it about a connection. Adding value. Being helpful. Bringing all your skills to the table. They may not be ready to talk about selling at this time: How to know when you should make a 6-month follow up call. Recognize that you may be catching them at just the wrong time. And sometimes they really aren’t interested in selling. Recognize when to call back another time and when to move on to the next call How Jennifer deals with someone that is rude to her. (Her response may make you think twice before you swear at or speak rudely to a telemarketer!) Two things you need to tap into to be a good cold caller: Genuinely Care about people and be Genuinely Curious about other’s lives. How to recognize a motivated seller. Remember this: Ultimately, you’re having a conversation with someone. Use kindness and show respect. What keeps Jennifer motivated as a cold caller? Follow on Jim on: Instagram , Facebook , Twitter  
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