34 minutes | May 4, 2020

Building Wealth Using Leverage

In this podcast, Jim Ingersoll and George Antone dig deep into wealth building. Right now is the best time to be learning and preparing for your financial future. Get ready for the new economy and make it successful for you. Remember, it’s important to rehab your finances before you rehab a house! Here are some of the highlights: Using Leverage the right way, helps you move from the “left column to the right” Managing and Measuring Debt – Why it’s so important to have the right debt George’s recommendations to help you prepare for upcoming economic difficulties: take a defensive position and lower your debt to asset ratio Why you need to learn about Equity Financing … and how it can help you in today’s troubled economy How to manage risk when you’re leveraging: know the difference between “risk” and “risky” George’s invites you to sign up for emails from Invest Zen. He has a future product announcement coming soon!   Connect with George at Fynanc Great reads by George Antone: The Debt Millionaire The Wealth Code The Banker’s Code   Join us at Deal Maker 2021: http://www.dealmaker2021.com   Follow on Jim on: Instagram  Facebook Twitter
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