38 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Eric Wilson of Turner & Townsend on what's ahead for Texas energy infrastructure

We recorded this episode just over a week after a near-collapse of the Texas power grid following an unusual winter storm that was, in many respects, a “perfect storm” of weather, market, energy and infrastructure factors. As Texans continue to recover, five members of ERCOT, the non-profit corporation that operates the Texas power grid, have resigned. But questions remain about the nature of Texas’s energy market structure, about weatherizing the state’s energy infrastructure, and whether this winter's catastrophic freeze will bring any long-term changes to the grid. For industry perspective, we spoke with Eric Wilson, Head of Energy & Natural Resources for North America at Turner and Townsend, the global consulting firm specializing in issues of construction, cost and risk management in the real estate, infrastructure, energy and natural resource sectors. 
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