78 minutes | Mar 12, 2020

EP5: Rick Archer Part 1 – The Doomed Child Hatches a Plan

Chad shares a story involving a bizarre wedding ritual. Then he interviews the most interesting man you’ve never heard of… Rick Archer. Rick went from being an awkward, one-eyed loser who lived in poverty to the founder of the most popular dance studio in the country. And he did it through a series of lucky breaks and risky ventures straight out of the movies. In the first of a series of interviews with Rick, we dive into the start of his life. We’ll learn how he and his father both lost the same eye. How he saved his mother from death… twice. How a ride in a limousine while he was unconscious made him the loneliest kid in school. And how a chance encounter with a golfer taught him the secret to success with girls. To learn more about Rick Archer, visit ssqq.com. Or… listen to the next episode of Intriguing Interviews!
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