64 minutes | Feb 16, 2020

EP3: Leslie Howle – The Legendary Sloth Whisperer of Costa Rica

How many disasters can befall a vacation before it implodes? Chad answers that question with the story of his ill-fated trip to Costa Rica. Then, he interviews Leslie Howle, Costa Rica’s legendary “sloth whisperer.” Leslie tells us how she went from being a child in Washington DC to a woman in Costa Rica taking in hundreds of injured and orphaned exotic animals. It’s a fascinating story about a woman who wants to save a parrot from being sacrificed for a wedding… about a mental institution that wants to hold a team-building course… and about a baby sloth who just wants a shirt that smells right. To learn more about Leslie Howle and her work, visit ToucanRescueRanch.org. If you enjoy this episode, please leave a rating or review on iTunes to support the podcast.
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