102 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

Episode 173- Strong Arm

NEWS: Oculus Quest 2 Facebook requirement causing significant problems- 1:02 Oculus quietly ends support for Oculus Go on Quest/Quest 2- 8:34 Microsoft might actually withhold Bethesda games from Playstation- 18:49 Microsoft seems tepid on bringing more games to Nintendo platforms- 21:53 Microsoft may just want to strong arm Nintendo/Sony into allowing Xbox ecosystem before bringing multiplats- 22:26 Switch breaks records in the US as best selling console for 22 consecutive months- 45:44 US Department of Justice and 11 states file antitrust lawsuit against Google, how it relates to games- 48:48 Ubisoft announces Ubisoft Connect to replace UPlay and Player's Club- 50:05 Devolver Digital buys Serious Sam devs "Croteam"- 51:54 TOPICS: Hades full review- 54:05 End of a Generation thoughts; seminal games, contentious years, and a rocky start- 1:08:00