77 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Episode 171- Japexit

NEWS: Steve from Minecraft added to Smash- 00:40 Joycon drift lawsuit update- 6:28 Call of Duty Modern Warfare no longer fits on 250gb SSD- 10:49 PS5 allegedly has 664gb of usable drive space? How and why?- 12:39 Minecraft Cave and Cliff update- 23:20 Sony unifies the regions and changes Japan's "confirm" button from O to X Genshin Impact is making a big impact- 30:01 Hideki Naganuma is based and tried to become an employee of Nintendo twice- 36:46 ESRB rates Arkane Collection and Wolfenstein Alt History Collection- 39:34 TOPICS: Phasmophobia- 43:09 Star Wars Squadrons full review- 47:21 Easing into VR play- 1:01:08