54 minutes | Oct 16, 2020

Perfect Forgiveness: The Power of Letting Go of Our Stories

We will be talking with Author, Judi Miller about the guidance that brought the exact right people together, in the exact right order, to right a wrong committed decades ago; before her birth, which left its shadow on her soul. Who has not at some time experienced the feeling that an intelligence greater than ourselves is guiding us forward to our destinies or fate? Or the wonder of synchronicities that fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle or a lock clicking into place? Intimacy is the weaving of our relationships. Some of these predate this life we are living, others connect to stories that intersect our own. From self-doubt to recognizing the perfection of one’s self. It is a story, augmented with reflections and practices, that shows us all how we can open our hearts to allow in the love that heals and directs us toward the light and the path we are meant to take to awaken, prosper and serve.
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