53 minutes | Oct 23, 2020

Methods of Masculinity: From toxic masculinity to healthy masculine narratives

With a unique take on the concept of toxic masculinity and both its use and misuse, Guru Orpheus Black, part spiritual therapist, part bedroom sorcerer, and all badass, will help us to explore methods of developing pathways to healthy masculine narratives. There is nothing sexier then a Man who knows what he wants, but it can be a slippery slide from confidence to aggression. A Los Angeles-based public speaker, he specializes in the application of ancient wisdom in modern day settings aims to propel the intellectual and sensual evolution of masculinity both by challenging men to reconnect with its roots and by inviting them to embrace manhood in its fullness, the way. In his most recent book, The Enso: A Philosophy of Submission, which is an esoteric approach to awakening and acknowledging the repressed human animal within. Not by taming and domesticating it, but by employing rituals, psychology, and a few handy life skills to create the space for it to be free.
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