54 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

How I learned to lie and let the truth set me free.

We learn to lie. It's not a skill one is born with, but rather is taught. Typically it is the same family who tell's you that Honest is the best policy, that will show you the reality of how much lying is used to Keep the Peace among them. It was from my family that I learned most everything I thought I knew about how to connect in relationships. It is because we learn through mirroring. If you grew up anything like me, you had a religious take on the sin of lying conflicted with the what they won't know don't hurt approach to relationships. This is the sort struggle, that in my case, lead to co-dependent relationships where I was using lies in my Fawning towards those with anger issues. It took me a long time to be genuinely honest with myself and others. It was a journey of trust and balance in my expressing my truth. I know now, for sure, that the truth does indeed set you free.
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