39 minutes | May 23rd 2019

Interweaving #5 - North Country Climate Crisis Activism

In this episode, John Collins and Terry DuBray explore local efforts in northern New York to build a grassroots movement in response to the urgent threat of climate crisis. They speak with activists at a climate vigil in Canton, NY, researcher Dr. Jon Rosales, and grassroots organizer Toni Kennedy about the challenges associated with trying to shift the conversation about climate change. Discussed in this episode: Canton, NY Monthly Climate Vigil (@climateactionvigil), Our Children’s Trust, Sunrise Movement, #ChangeTheDebate, May 29 Green New Deal Town Hall (Potsdam, NY), Toni Kennedy (@toniann03), Bill Nye video, Fourth National Climate Assessment Report (NCA4), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), book by Dr. Curt Stager"Młodzieżowy Strajk Klimatyczny Warszawa"by Greenpeace PL is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher Listen on Google Podcasts
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