45 minutes | Nov 16th 2020

The Difference Between Hunting on Public or Private Lands with Trey Milhoan

The Difference Between Hunting on Public or Private Lands with Trey Milhoan


Show Notes:

When terrain plays a big part in your hunting experience, should you choose a hunt on public or private lands? Trey Milhoan, a professional guide in Colorado, works on private land and hunts for himself on public land, so I thought his perspective would be a valuable one to listen to today.


While the common techniques for elk hunting are centered around calling, bugling, and stalking, Trey’s preferred method is all about getting lost in the wild. And if you aren’t anywhere close to a healthy elk herd like Trey is in Colorado, we offer up some different ways you can learn how to be a better elk hunter.


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What’s Inside:

  • One of the drawbacks of hunting elk on public land.
  • How to use glassing as a hunting technique.
  • How Trey’s been using game cameras to give him a better understanding of what’s out there.
  • Some different ways you can familiarize yourself with elk hunting even if you don’t draw a tag this year.




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Short Description:

When given the option to hunt on public land or private land, which one is better? As a guide in Colorado, Trey Milhoan hunts on private land with his clients and public land for himself, so he sees the benefits and disadvantages of both types of land. He’s going to give us some elk hunting advice on how to approach these different kinds of terrain.



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